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With the bow of the Russian merchant marine full-rigged training ship the Pallada in the foreground the Cuauhtémoc passes in front of Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay.<br />
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Delivered to its crew in 1982 the Mexican Navy three masted Barque Cuauhtémoc has sailed waters all over the world representing Mexico's Navy. The ships primary mission is training naval cadets as well as educating captains, officers, cadets, and crew members in navigation sailing maneuvers.<br />
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Cuauhtémoc, whose name means "eagle that swoops down over its prey" was the last emperor of the Aztecs. Born around AD 1495 he is still revered in Mexico with many parks, plazas, and a sailing vessel named after him. Lynched by the Spaniards in 1525 he said to Cortes: <br />
"I knew what it trust to your false promises; I knew that you had destined me to this fate since I did not fall by my own hand when you entered my city of Tenochtitlan."