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Lockheed P2V Neptune sits in the Hawkins and Powers storage area in Greybull, Wyoming. Hawkins and Powers like many other aerial firefighting companies used the Neptune as a firefighting tanker. There were 1,181 Neptunes built between 1946 and 1979 of which approximately 40 still fly.<br />
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The Neptune barely missed involvement in WWII but it was used extensively in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, becoming the standard Anti-Submarine Warfare platform for not only the USA but the Netherlands, Japan and many other nations. The P2V was produced in many different variants such as Airborne Early Warning (P2V-3W / P-2D), Nuclear weapons carrier (P2V-3C), VIP transport (P2V-3Z), Special-sensor aircraft (OP-2E/AP-2E), Drone controller (DP-2E / DP-2H), crew trainer (TP-2F), Antarctic ski-plane (LP-2J), Electronic surveillance (RB-69A), Target tug (UP-2J) and Gunship (AP-2H).